Thursday, May 27, 2010

A dream within a dream

after many days ...I feel like writing today.
No explanations about what I want to do at one particular time,though I sought for one.But its hell boiling down here both in the sense of weather and one more under my skull.And you can consider this article as my stream of consciousness projection, due to the the things I came across in these weeks.
So here goes my thought link, I have this nick..... craziness for the dark rainy nights storms and lone dark places and attraction follows.I always try to describe myself how I feel at the times....I feel like I wont escape from it...I feel this is the last night and sun wont show again....I feel like like thirsty,in the pouring rain...I feel on the edge and lost...and still I like it.The places like Goghs starry nights....or may be the Friedrich s wanderer ...
These places have a mist,they don't want to bother,they hide many secrets, and they swore if you ever come in their way...still they are troubled...try to make solace with our emotions....and we offer them emotions ladded with Gothic horror, depression, illusions, hallucinations..or perhaps the surge of adrenaline.
I found these places in recent some movies,some art,some music...and sometimes in myself.

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